Freitag, 2. März 2018

Dear creators, internet connection is not a premisse

Hello everyone reading :) This post targets all the people who design and create all the fancy things, be it in hand or on screen.

Please, do not take a fast or stable internet connection as granted. There are people for who that is not reality. And everyone can belong to them off sudden. And they could still want to use your fancy thing.

Donnerstag, 26. Oktober 2017

Moving out and deadline strategy

Hello everyone!

It is pretty a while that I posted something last time, but now there are changes about stores and JFS at all (my company in SL, you may not know) and on a way of taking new projects. There are private reasons and I'd not like to write them here but they also caused that I have not produced anything for JFS for years. Instead I got stacked dozens of projects, which are just ideas yet, awesome ideas, but all are half done or even started, and nothing is ready to release

This caused the sales going towards zero (one or two per month not counts) so that having a store inworld for sake of having the inworld store is a silly idea. And it costs me money that I have to upload to SL (while at beginning my sales could easily pay rental of all my stores.) That is not complaining, it's explaining the decisions. These are two.

Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

Open glass box (GlassBox tutorial, part 6)

There is a special glass box mesh that needs a special geometry, the d100 one. When the inner depth is smaller or larger than the outer, than the outer front and back faces go over the faces of the inner box, or through the inner box, thus we could close them without any graphic problems.

But if we made the d100 mesh in the way we did the d25 one (section 4.6), than the front faces of the inner and outer box fall together, SL may have a problem to decide what one to display. The same happens for the back side. To avoid those problems, we have to make holes in the outer front and back sides, even if this causes more complex mesh geometry.

Samstag, 1. Dezember 2012

Texture Repeater (GlassBox tutorial, part 5)

Well, this is the last part of the tutorial and at same time the user manual of the GlassBox packages (when i release them.)

As we have seen, texturing glass boxes is not so easy; the hidden faces are not reachable. Because we cannot change mesh on-the-fly, GlassBox meshes use a special scripted item: The item is a box with six faces. As soon a texture or texture property on the prim faces changes, the installed script reflects the changes on accordant faces of linked glassbox meshes.

Donnerstag, 29. November 2012

GlassBox (tutorial, part 4)

In last step we created a Meshbox made from a cube with set UVMap and LSL faces. In this step we will turn it into a GlassBox, made off two boxes, each with (different) UVMap and face definition – the inner and outer box.

In fact we must not start from beginning, we can and will simply copy the mesh of the MeshBox and change the UVMap and face definition of the copy. Because we copy inside the same object, both boxes will stay combined to the same object.

Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

MeshBox (GlassBox tutorial, part 3)

Now it’s time for blender. We will make a mesh replacement box for a single system box in two steps: Creating the mesh cube, giving it an UVMap and make it’s faces independent from each other.

We start blender and click the splash screen away.

PrimBox (GlassBox tutorial, part 2)

In this step we want investigate the face order of the system box (used by scripts) and orientation of textures shown on the faces (used by designers.)

Dear creators, internet connection is not a premisse

Hello everyone reading :) This post targets all the people who design and create all the fancy things, be it in hand or on screen. Pleas...