Donnerstag, 4. März 2010

MACS, Part 5.3 - Extended control HUD

Last time we build a simple hud for our shoes. This time we will extend it by some more usefull features. The extension will take again several steps.

Step 1: Planing the hud extensions
  • We add a collapsing feature by using another hud base. It has also an advantage to remember it's position for every onscreen attachment point
  • By now we have three color libraries of 5 colors each, each changes color of just one element, the diamond, upper and lower base sides. Instead, we will use a color library of 20 colors, a HLS and a gray scale color pikers
  • We will use a command module to decide if the color libraries and pikers change the colors of diamonds or base sides, so we do not need that color modules three time
  • We add two buttons that remove or reinstall the processor scripts. The shoes have not many prims, but even removing of 30 scripts saves sim resources and we also will learn on this example how to do in other, more prim-intensive projects

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