Donnerstag, 8. April 2010

TASC SDK released stand-alone

Ok, i planded equiping street lamps with MACS but life goes strange ways. No street lamps this time but something not less interesting. I released the TASC SDK as stand-alone product. What that means? The SDK was meant to use MACS as lower layer and not to run without it. This has changed now. The SDK needs verry less from MACS and has too much own power, so it seems to be a wise step.

In detail: I added the script "" to the SDK package (to find under resources there) that emulates the MACS' touch to message service. If the script is installed into the control device, the control modules start to run problemsless. Exception: The login module still requires the controller script to perform logins. But emulating it would mean rebuilding MACS, what makes no sence.

The processor script that is runing inside the controled device does not really use MACS. The script registers bravelly the commands it understand and changes the command status for autoresponse service but that's all. The processor does not wait for registration responses or responses on status changes (there is no that messages at all) hence it can live without services of MACS.

The processor script is not only able to replace the well known resizer scripts, by installing the processor script into for instance an attachment you can do much more usefull stuff to it. All you need is just a special preprocessor script that says the installed processor what it has to do.

In the next post i will introduce this preporcessor script, so you can just copy and paste it. I am not sure where to release the script, thus still that way.

Where to find the SDK
  • Inworld on Sadenia, where you find also an udater for it. Looks for the JFS shop, it is in the vendor.
  • On XStreetSL you find the Freeby Pack that contains it too.
Yes, the SDK is not only a freeby, its scripts are all open for explore or modifications.

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