Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011

Target List, Process map

Hello again.

Well, since the core script is tested, too, i can reveal the project a bit, but without much details. The project is actually the sequel of RLV teleporters (thus 'RTP'.) This technology uses the RLV api to move an avatar gridwide most comfortable (locally is also posible.)

Most important extensions: Predefined target lists to scrol through. Extensible architecture via open APIs. The sensor reacts not only on touch and collision, but also on sit, entering scanned area or chat command.

The core script itself performs only the teleport. Scrolling through targets is matter of the target list script. Its job is delivering the target data inclusive global coordinates to the core script. Next image shows the process map of the target list script.

Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

RTP Project: Sensor

Hello again :)

The test of the sensor script is completed right now, thus here is a new clue: The process map of the sensor script.

Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011

RLV control process: How relays work

Hello :)

Today a little more progress and a small tip for the RTP project. If you wondered how foreign objects gain the control the RLV-able viewers, here is a picture explaining that.

Dear creators, internet connection is not a premisse

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