Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

RTS Project released

Hello everyone.

The 'mysterious' RTS Project is now released, although first time its name was RTP - RLV Teleporter Project. With time i decided to switch this name to RTS - RLV Teleporter System.

Because of matching another project, the TRP - the red pill. But the major reason is, RTS is not just a new teleporter, its a system for building teleporters, with different design and features, but using the same core and hence, the same teleport ability. Others call such thing a 'framework'.

This release also completes my plans for xstreet. Yes, planed almost 2 years ago. RTS is not the first teleporter project. Before RTS, there were two special teleporters, TPSign and TPMirror, each in copy and transfer versions. The idea at that time was to combine the teleporters into a single product (in copy and transfer version.) RTS is a step in right direction but actually shoots ways far behind that plan.

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