Samstag, 22. Mai 2010

MACS processor templates

If you wonder what i am doing all the time, promissing much and nothing changes to MACS and other products since weeks... Many things changed in background. Everyone has RL that comes first, somehow *smile*, but to stay in SL, the servers came to version 1.38 schakling the concept of the TASC SDK. And i got an idea how to make further SDKs easier and faster, also for the future SDK creators. To make it short, I am building and planing to release so-called SDK templates. They will be four:

  • simple:A device-wide template. The simplest template for processors that do something with the whole device, like jumping around or saying something in chat. The processor will not differ between prims of the device.
  • extended: Extends the simple processor template by device targets. This allows add the high-level targets to the sent command. You can than give 20 devices the same alias but name the device or devices you want cntrol inside the command. Would you use the simple template, all 20 devices would jump around, with this template you can tell 4 devices to start jumping and other 16 wil ignore the command. The template still not knows about prims of the device.
  • prims: This template starts to differ the device prims. Here you can group the prims by preparing their description, as explained before, but this template ignores the face aliases. The template is optimal for operations that work with prims only, like controlling particle effects on the prims or the light emission.
  • faces: This template extends the prims template by handling the prim faces. Processors that want change also prim faces must use this template.
After this work is done, i will rebuild the TASC processor by using the faces template (other templates are too weak for this) and also the half-build LIPS SDK. I never told about it before. LIPS means Light and Particle System. This SDK performs the tasks about simwide fountain and street lamps control, i've planed long ago. After this work is done and works definitelly, the four templates will be added to the solutions package.

Also all tutorials wil be extended by notes to reflect the changes to the SDK.

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