Mittwoch, 8. September 2010

Main store is moved

Bad news or good news? Rather both.

The sim where my main shop was located changed the owner, and the new owners decided they not plan shops in near future. They want a medieval sim, and the new concept sounds even interesting, but this means for me, the main store will move out. Well, who ever has been there once, will chuckle if i call it so, but this was the only place with an inworld product updater, so, let's call it main store. This is how it was looking:

The old JFS main was located at: 

And no, i really not built the pavilion, and it was originally also not free standing, but a part of pavilion chain, nicelly aligned along a round path, you stil could figure it out on the actual sim picture (notice the red arrow?):

However, its not a drama, there is also another location keeping even two vendors, one for paiable products and another one for freebies. The place might be very interesting for those who love bikes, cars and racing, there is a really cool race route starting in no 10 meters far from the store entrnce. And those who race, might very likely know the names "2raw" or "777 League" too. This one will be my new 'main' for now. Really nothing happens for bad :)

And this is the new location:

For sure the shop list is updated, too.

Greetings and have fun, not only by shopping.:)

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