Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011

RLV control process: How relays work

Hello :)

Today a little more progress and a small tip for the RTP project. If you wondered how foreign objects gain the control the RLV-able viewers, here is a picture explaining that.

What hapens if a device sends a 
comands to the RLV-able viewer

The object (the device) sends a command towards the viewer. The command is received by the relay (it only can receive the command, the viewer can't receive directly) owned by the user. What hapens next, decides the permission system of the relay (if it is used at all) and the user's decision.

If the relay is used and active, the device receives a response saying so if the command was relyed to the viewr or not. If the viewer supports RLV, it will execute the command acepted by the relay. I hope the picture is able to explain the topic clearly.

BTW, the picture may be used in any projects, commercial or not.


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