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Eder Gira. A travel into a possibly lost world

Long time it was quieet in this blog. Today i present a travel report to two sims, which will go possibly lost in few days. That are or were beautifull replicas of world, coming from another (sorry) game - Myst and Uru. Perhaps the names are not unknown. For me Myst was a king of games at all.

Myst was made by Rand and Robin Miller, who found the Cyan Worlds company. Myst is an adventure game: It is not about to kill someone, there you could never die at all. You touch a special story and have to solve puzlies to reveal this story piece for piece. At the end you also help somebody, but the goal is the way.

In Myst itself you knew just a little part from the story. The biggest part came in Riven, the sequel of Myst (and the most demanding game in story and puzzles, in my opinion.) Than came Exile, Revelation and finally Myst V.

Somewhere inbetween was Uru, there you had really 3D with free avatar movement and you had an avatar at all. And if you found a way online, you could also solve puzzlies, investigate, chat and perhaps foul around together with other players around the globe. Almost like in SL, but with a better graphics and without market system and those two-colored posebals, but no one would miss them really.

The online variant was called 'MOUL' - "Myst Online, Uru Live". As online servers were closed, many players went to SL. And some of them build replicas of worlds of the Myst saga. Two of them i'd like to introduce, Eder Gira and Myst Island. They are very worth to be introduced, as it is so amazing to see, how authentic they were done with very limitd resources of SL.


On a deck like this one, everything begun. Here you landed if you started the game. At the left you saw the projector room, and at the right was the stair to the isle. There you found a library, observtorium and other intresting buildings. You had to look every corner, try, touch and move everything, just to become a clue, what do you do here at all, and later also who you want trust:

A look into the projector room. There you found once a hint, that something in this world is as it should not be:

Something is new on the deck:

Here you enter the observatorium:

A look outside the library:

And inside it:

Hidden way is stil there:

Never trust loose letters, even pink those. In Myst game, such letter let free a criminal man. Here it is harmless, even worth to look at:

And this space ship will recognize every Myst fan. The puzzle inside is solveable, but needs a fine hearing:

On the way to the light tower:

Over water the way continues, if we find the right button. In 'real' tower there is another puzzle. In this one is a puzzle too, here you get a key. Anybody knows what it is opening?

That are a few corners here on the isle. On the deck you find also a teleporter to Eder Gira, a hot vulcanic world, used as one of holyday worlds by D'ni, the folk found this world.

Here is a point where i must tell a few about D'ni. That is a folk, using a special technology - the linking books. Basically, that are special teleport devices, which again look like books and are being programmed that way: The user describes the world which they want visit, as exact and consistent as possible. After that work is done, the user activates the device, and it looks under all possible worlds for one matching the description the best. If found, the book links to the world, and from now on, you can visit this world by using the book.

This technology offers a huge economical usage and this is the reason, the culture of D'ni is strongly centered around this technology. Unfortunatelly this knowlege are gone with D'ni few hundred years ago. The D'ni came this way to the earth about 10 thousands years ago and lived in a city, they build in a giant hole deep under earth surface. The hole was more than 10 kilometrs big if i remember correctly.

Eder Gira

This is how it looks like in SL... A bit different isn't it?

Especially via the teleport wall, you acheive some replica of the Uru worlds:


Relto is a pivate world of online players, and their return world. Every player had their own Relto. The player carried a special linking book with them, that makes it possible to teleport 'home' from any place, for example to escape dangerous situations.

The house kept a warderobe for clothing: Yes, the Uru player was not carying around their complete property in invisible pockets, like the SL user does.

Also, there is a book shelf for linking books to already discovered and new worlds, a sort of leveling up: Due investigating worlds, the player can find a linking book to an other world and the book appears here and allows to visit that world.

The city

The city was build by D'ni people in a large hole deep under the surface. They lived here not permanently, but travel to other places by using linking books. Here in the SL replica of the city, you could rent appartments, so you could live like D'ni years ago.

Great Zero

Anybody knows this facility? Great Zero. A monster that supplied the city with energy, established a communication like with mobile phone and a navigation like with GPS (remember the KI device?.) And that about 10 thousands years ago!

Kadish gallery

Kadish was a guild master of guild of writers but was dismissed from it. He was an excellent ingeneur but also a dazzler. He pretended to be a master in writing linking books. Has betrayed and robbered others with that and hidded his richness somewhere in the worlds. Here in the gallery, he put hints to find the places:

You can see a prism puzzle for example, there are rotating prisms showing symbols on the sides. These symbols you need to remember to open a door somewhere. But be carefull what you note down, Kadish was a dazzler, he din't make it so easy.

Back to Myst

The grave and flowers are not in original game. Ti'ana was hidden to the game story first, had a big role in the story of D'ni itself. You can learn more about her in books, really published. "The book of Ti'ana" is an excellent one and i would recommend it to read about her and D'ni culture.

Shortly said, Ti'ana was the first person (name on earth "Anna") who found the way into D'ni hole, and brought this folk to destroy itself. But only D'ni themselves are guilty in that. Theyr culture was broken already. Some of D'ni mean, by writing a linking book, they create the world. Others mean, they just build a bridge to the world already created. This is fundamental - the first view allows to play god with 'created' world, the second view forbids it.

Not a few D'ni were really arrogant enough to think, the folks on 'created' planets are primitive and only good to exploit them. Ti'ana was a person from the earth, hence from a primitive folk - and she prooved to be equal to D'ni! What followed was a conclusion.

Her grandson Atrus 'wrote' the world of Myst after the D'ni culture gone.

That is a few from the worlds. If you are interested, the sims are there for few days, so please visit. And if you like to see the Myst Island sim while you are offline, or after the sims are gone, here is a very good made video on Youtube, at beginning there is a sightseeing flight.

The group Myst Dancers is found by people that met in Uru and came to SL after MOUL was gone, and they build up the sims. The film makes also fun watching.

Here are the links:
And now why i talk about losing the worlds. I found the sims a few months ago, and few days ago i found a notecaard in group notices, both sims are going to be closed. The reason is known. The owners cant keep the sim.

Eder Gira is a full sim and Myst Island is a homestead. And you can't keep the Homestead without having a full sim. Hence both must go. They will be closed if no one interested in having one or two themed sims contacts the sim owner until 25. november (yes, that is in 2 days.)

If you see the post, and are interested or know a solution, please contact SkydiverAnarta Fall about it. With ths two sims, are going good build fan projects.

Ok this is grayed out now. The reason is great: both sims found a buyer and seem to be saved! Benandru Milev agreed to take over the tier for Myst Island and Eder Gira. The sims are stil open to visit, explore and google. I might write more in another post later.

Well the report is not complete without saying, that the MOUL itself is alife again.

The MOUL servers are back online. The fans can meet and investigate online again, and even develop own worlds that can be placed onto the book shelf, and shared among other players. So, lets give a few links related to Myst and Uru here.
An official Cyan Worlds web site
Information portal around Myst games
A comprehensive source for informations related to Myst games
Information portal specially around Uru Life.

Lovelly greetings

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