Donnerstag, 26. Oktober 2017

Moving out and deadline strategy

Hello everyone!

It is pretty a while that I posted something last time, but now there are changes about stores and JFS at all (my company in SL, you may not know) and on a way of taking new projects. There are private reasons and I'd not like to write them here but they also caused that I have not produced anything for JFS for years. Instead I got stacked dozens of projects, which are just ideas yet, awesome ideas, but all are half done or even started, and nothing is ready to release

This caused the sales going towards zero (one or two per month not counts) so that having a store inworld for sake of having the inworld store is a silly idea. And it costs me money that I have to upload to SL (while at beginning my sales could easily pay rental of all my stores.) That is not complaining, it's explaining the decisions. These are two.

Moving out

So, I decided to move out of 2Raw where I had the main store for years. The spot is worth a creator who is actually producing something. Preferably a vehicle-related as it is a racing sim. When you are such a creator and you look for having a store, it is worth to take a look.

This way: EXTREME/155/95/120

The spot is still paid for a month, but I can free it earlier. Oh, and when you was never been to 2Raw yet, it is really worth a visit.

Edit: I extended the rental to bring the moving out date over the new year edge.

Whenever I will realize one of my stacked projects, I may return to 2Raw (one of that projects is actually a bike so the sim would really make sense) but it will be not in near future. However, I'm not moving to marketplace completely. We have a home sim where I can have a vendor. So, for those who not likes marketplace there is still a possibility to buy something inworld. The place is listed here.

Projects and deadlines, new strategy

From time to time I get asked to script something. This often runs like this:
  1. I like the idea and the project seems really fast to script so I accept
  2. The project turns out not that simple or I get interruptions (those private reasons, you know) and it takes longer
  3. Or someone else asks me about scripting something new and I accept again
  4. The previous project gets delayed or/and has to be aborted in the middle of development
  5. Time spent for that project is lost. Whoever waited for the project is super disappointed.
So, this time I'll try another strategy. As long I have not realized at least a few stacked projects (not all are for JFS actually) I will not take any new projects even if they seem fast and easy.

There can be exceptions when the project is related to whatever I made already or it seems pretty easy or for a good friend. So we can talk about it. But we will discuss a deadline. Unlike in RL where deadline means when the project has to be done no matter what, our deadlines are when the project will be dropped when not done by then. Something about a week maybe.

This way the projects that will probably never be done will not fill the stack and block the previously started work. And the customer can make plans and look for a more sucessful scripter and avoid disappointment when the request is not done after waiting so long.


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