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Updates 23.02.2009

Now my 'roling update' is closed, all products are actualized. This post should give an overwiew about products and their versions. Moost of them are just remaking of the product boxes, but later more about.

real updates
product cover updates
Some versions are missed if they did not managed into update. Updates can be taken inworld from vendors, landmarks are in product boxes.

In the first group the real updates are made, i.e. the products were really changed. In the first one just the product boxes, but not only the box itsel or the cover pictures, but also the box opening code: The script '*productHandler' became '*productKey' now. Three reasons to do so.

First, by rezing the box the menu comes immediatelly and contanis three buttons
  • Open - as usual, the items are given to the owner
  • Update - also as usual, if a vendor containing the update is nearby, the update is given
  • Remove - this is new, after hitting it, the box is remowed from the world.
After update or opening the box, another menu is opened, containing the Remove button. If this or prevous menu is ignored, the box comes either via autoreturn or is self-destroyed in 30 minutes. That way the boxes are not lying around as hapens from time to time.

Secondly, the product key does also the enpacking job and can now manage also no-copy items. The productHandler script failed in that and i forgot to fix it. Sorry about it.

Last reason is, the productKey script implements an API that allows to carry it on a band. Exactly to say, that is a free available device, looking as a watch that can carry up to 12 product keys, so one does not need to rezz the product box anytime to get update, doung via the key holder is easier.

The management of product keys means: They can be added (just by adding the script into object inventory), an update for the selected product can be requested via the key, and the key can be removed.

Th devize is available inworld or here on XStreet SL.

PS: Moved, original date 22.02.2009

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