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Plans for XStreetSL

Hello once again

XStreetSL is a number of web services for SL creatives. Most used and important service of XStreetSL is listing of their products, allowing SL residents to buy stuff for SL via web interface, even not being logged into SL. Perhaps you know already, LL (owner of XStreetSL) plans to change how the products on it will be charged. Here is a good overview.

To keep it shortly two things will change:
  • Each freeby, i.e. a thing that is for free, will now cost a listing fee of 100L per month (early the listing was free)
  • Each payable item will cost a listing fee of 10L per month (early it was free) and 3L minimal comission.
This changes distore creatives, making them to drop part of products or even to move away from XStreetSL. But. Product pages contain text and images, that cause download traffic, so i can really understand this change. But i have to react, changing my shop structure, as many others do, otherwise i will start to make losses there :)

However, this what i did or plan to:
  • All freebies are now collected together to a big freeby pack, which i sell exclusivelly on XStreetSL. However, each freeby is stil available inworld separatelly.
  • All three editions of avatar touch sensors are now collected in a single package, which is now released inworld and also on XStreetSL.
  • I sell 4 RLV teleporters by now, copyable and non-copyable TP mirors and TP signs. However, the difference of mirrors and signs is just replacement of one script, so i will release two TP kits, one copyable, one no-copy. Each kit will have updated main scripts and allow the usage as a mirror and as a sign as well.
This way i reduce amount of products, i have to pay listing fee for, and hope also to turn the fee decision into advantages for my former and future customers. This changes mean nothing to the former customers. I keep a list of who bought what, so if You are one of them, You will find a small package in your mail box, I just have to make the update ready :)


Edit 11,12,20011.

XStreetSL became SLMarketplace, while ago already, but stil without planed listing fees. But i will not revoke the decisions, for example turning the Freeby Pack into single frebies again: A running system you should touch never. Today, after the plan is completed, i just corrected the links above.


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