Montag, 28. März 2011

Product update: BlinkScript

Seems the most popular item is a script that is no more than make the prim blink where the script is installed. First released in december 2009, it is taken stil on constantly rate. Reason enough to update it. The version also jumped from 1.2 to 2.0. Why so much?

The color table was optimized.

The color table is used to translate most used color names into LSL values, the script can use. For example the color "Turquoise" has the LSL value <0.25098, 0.87843, 0.81569>. LSL can not use the color name, thus the color table does the translation.

The version 1. used a list of color names and values. This makes looking for color name very easy and also adding new color, but wastes some script memory. New method of the version 2. uses a special tree structure, accelerting very much the searching process, but adding new color names is now much harder.

No new name was added to the list, so this is no reason. The new method saved also about 10kb of script memory what is good for long blinking programs.

The script can now make the whole linkset blink.

The version 1. could only work with the prim running the script. Say, you make a control panel with 10 blinking lamps, so you had to install old BlinkScript 10 times, i.e. in each blinking prim. Now you can install the script once and in any prim of the control panel. You have just to explain the script, which prim should blink and how.

More blink states

In the version 1, the blinkscript knew only two states: Light and dark. Each state had own color and the light state could throw light. The interval setting told how many seconds the script should be in light and dark phase. Same time for light and dark phase.

In the version 2. you can have up to 300 phases. For each phase you say what prim in linkset is controlled, what color the prim must be, if it must glow and if it must throw light. And how long the script must be in that phase, i.e. you can make each phase last different time.

Extended configuration syntax

The version 1. understood a so-called simple syntax. Here you explain colors for light and dark phases, the interval and also light settings, each by a single command in a separate line. This means you need up to seven lines in the configuration notecard. This makes easy to understad the configuration and is enough for using exactly two phases.

The version 2. uses an extended configuration syntax. Here a single line defines everything the phase needs: Color, glowing, light, interval and names also the prim in linkset. This way you need only two lines instead of seven like before.

You need exactly two lines to make the prim blink like before. Now if you want a third phase, you add a third line. Quite easy, but you only have to learn how to write the line.

That's all. You can grab the new BlinkScript here:
And here you can update it if you bought it alrady. Just rez your product box and hit Update in menu:


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