Montag, 11. April 2011

Update: LMeter 1.5.29, TRP 1.0.24 (vitality feature)

Well, an update again. But a minor one.

The reason is, after any server update in past, the vitality feature stoped to work for my code. Vitality is a feature allowing the scripts run even on places where scripts are blocked. To do so, the script takes the avatar control, that way the script pretends being a vehicle and vehicles are allowed to run even in pllaces that not allow other scripts to run. There is no other solution to make scripts run everywhere.

Taking control means the script has to call the llTakeControl function and also implement a control event handler. The event handler is called every time the agent presses, holds or releases the key under control. To make the lag lower, i skiped the event handler in prevous script versions, so only the function call remained. That worked and worked well, but until the server was updated (server is the machine executing scripts). Not sure which server update caused that.

As a result, the device stops working by entering a no-script area, despite of active vitality mode (LMeter) or using the emergence plugin (TRP) and resumes working by entering a script-alowed area. Anyway, to fix this break, i had no other way to add also the event handler to the script. As a control over a rarelly used key is taken, the lag might increase stil not much.

So, what exactly changed to the both products.


The LMeter device has only a single script inside, and that script was changed. For the update, please simply replace the attached device.


TRP (The Red Pill, both, personal and professional editions) is build off three scripts, the core script, the RLV plugin and the emergence plugin. The only part affected by the changes is the emergence plugin. As stated in the documentation, this plugin is optional for devices that definitelly have to run everywhere.

For already done devices...

If you not used the emergence plugin, there is nothing to do. If you used the emergence plugin, I'm afraid, you also have to release device updates with replaced trp.emergence script. Both other scripts are not changed. Feel free to link this page saying why you release your update.

For future projects...

Please unpack the new product box and use the new product folder as usual.

How to update

The manual update process is described in the manuals to LMeter and TRP. Just teleport to stores with installed update server, than either rezz the product box or use the Keyholder device from the product folder.

I also send autoupdates to every byer of both products, so you should receive the automatical redelivery few hours ago.

Vitality plugin

For those interesting in scripting, there is now also a vitality plugin on the script library. It does nothing with LMeter or TRP but demonstrates how the vitality feature works.

Sunny greetings

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