Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

The mysterious RTP project

Greetings everyone

The first milestone is met. All important scripts are writen and must be tested now. Completing of them and all required scripts will be the second milestone. What is the project about, i'd not reveal yet, i give it just a temporary name 'RTP' (not to mix with 'TRP', the red pile, what is a quite different thing.)

Anyway, i put here the picture of the rough projct architecture:

You can guess what the thingy will do, the disclosure will come after the second milestone, i'll start with the docmentation than. When it will be, is not definitelly clear yet.

However, to see the progress, here is the list of scripts and tasks, i am actually on.

Core Services
  • .core - ready
  • .config - ready 
  • .sender - ready

  • .sensor - ready
  • .targets (regular target list) - ready
  • .directtp (special target list for DirectTP) - ready

    • .drw.sound (sound effects) - ready
    • .drv.textureanim (texture animation) - ready
    • .drv.particles.... (two particle effects) - ready

    Integration tests
      • A number of devices build with different set of scripts - ready

        Best regards

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