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RTS Project released

Hello everyone.

The 'mysterious' RTS Project is now released, although first time its name was RTP - RLV Teleporter Project. With time i decided to switch this name to RTS - RLV Teleporter System.

Because of matching another project, the TRP - the red pill. But the major reason is, RTS is not just a new teleporter, its a system for building teleporters, with different design and features, but using the same core and hence, the same teleport ability. Others call such thing a 'framework'.

This release also completes my plans for xstreet. Yes, planed almost 2 years ago. RTS is not the first teleporter project. Before RTS, there were two special teleporters, TPSign and TPMirror, each in copy and transfer versions. The idea at that time was to combine the teleporters into a single product (in copy and transfer version.) RTS is a step in right direction but actually shoots ways far behind that plan.

Both teleporters differ only in how they trigger, the TPSign teleports on touch (klick the picture), and the TPMirror on collision (walking into it.) RTS covers both trigger modes and adds also the radar, chat and sit modes. Both telepors are a single target device. RTS manages a list of targets. The teleporters are special, RTS is a framework for building special teleporters and offers much more features, like core and configuration services or open script interfaces. The RTS user manual is even 120 pages long (english + german.)

The story about this is also fun. To provide a user manual, there are no inworld alternatives, you can only use notecards, i.e. plain text, no formating and no embedded links or images. Nowadays, the SL Marketplace offers a great feature for that: You can make and upload a pdf file, with the user manual for example. Unfortunatelly, you can not use one file for english, and another for german language, you must put all text in one file, but that is stil better than using notecards. Well, one day i realized, my pdf file would go far behind 200 pages, and nobody would read such a monster. This was actually the reason to split RTS in two products: The 'RTS' itself and 'RTS Extensions'.

The decision

However, with RTS you can build a teleporter, working as TPSign or TPMirror. To demonstrate this and give an example how to do this, the RTS package contains seven example teleporters, build with RTS, and two of them are TPSign and TPMirror. That all results in a simple decision... 
  • With the release of RTS, both teleporters (TPSign and TPMirror) are unlisted and discotinued. That means, they are not in marketplace or inworld vendors, and there will be no update on them.
  • Any support request will be fulfilled, but may result in offerring the migration package and help in using it instead.
  • Every former purchaser of TPMirror or TPSign, will receive a migration package on automatic way.
  • The update orbs (installed inworld) will also offer the migration package instead of an update for TPSign or TPMirror, if the manual redelivery (update) for one of them is requested.

Migration package

This is actually a small package aiming to turn the old teleporters into RTS devices, and also the purchasers of old teleporters into purchasers of RTS, with almost no effort. The package has this things inside:
  • A copy of RTS and Extension packages. Once unpacked, you can start using the RTS teleporters or building yours, aside or instead of your old teleporters. 
  • Two gift cards, one for RTS and one for Extensions package. By using them, you receive the packages and become automatically a purchaser of them, hence you receive updates, as soon i release any in future.
  • And finally detailed migration instructions in a notecard. They explain how to turn an old teleporter into a RTS version, either by replacing the whole device, or by exchanging scripts inside.
The migration package is ready and being sent around right now. Should you not receive it yet until tomorrow, please let me know.


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