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JF Office Line and AirPen

Hello again and welcome to my blog!

A long time nothing new happened here, but never mind, today I have to present something very new: A pen to write in air. Actually it starts a new product line which may have soon more than a single product but who knows. I called it ‘JF Office Line’.

Well, what is the AirPen? To say simple, it is just a stick to keep in hand. The stick is also a particle source, so when the avatar starts dancing, walking or simply moving somehow by AO, the pen starts to write figures in air that are kind of unique for the current avatar animation. Here a few examples of how it could look like

Well, by now there is not much what were worth the 50L. What is special for this pen?

The particles are adaptive: You can edit the pen and make it 25cm tiny or 64 meters tall. As soon the size happens, the particles change the size keeping the ratio to the pen size, so the particles and thus the figures in air stay in ratio with the pen size.

Not only the pen size, also is the mine color modifiable. You make the mine red – the particles turn red. You make the mine blue – the particles turn blue. You make the mine glow – the particles start to emit light, too. However, not everyone loves editing objects, so the package has six pens inside in colors very popular in school: white, black, red, blue, yellow and green

The pens were switched off in this picture. The pedestal shown here is a part of the next project which is not ready yet. So the pens are loosely shipped, not packaged like that. The picture should only display that the pen has edges with color matching the mine.

This is not by accident but fully intended: The pen is a mesh while the mine and all six edges share the same prim face. So if you change the mine color, you change the color of every edge at same time. Here how the mesh looks like in blender:

BTW, the mesh was uploaded with the maximum quality, so even from maximum distance the pen still looks like a pen and not collapses to something formless. This is main reason of a high land impact (7, with the particle source prim and script inside even 8) hence the pen is an attachment, not a building component. But more about that in the next project.

Here is a link to the marketplace page where you can take your package of an air-writing pen.


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