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Relaunch of TPSign and TPMirror

Hello again and after a while.

What to say, the only comment so far (this blog got at all) was given the post about Myst and Eder Gira. So i should post soon something in this direction, i think (and i even know what it will be) but later. This time i am going to change my mind once more again.

Revoked decision

It is about my decision due releasing of RTS. In short, before RTS i had two teleport products, TPSign and TPMirror. RTS can do thesame and even much more, so i decided to unlist them. To fullfil the lifetime update policy, i also shared so called migration packages - purchasers of those teleporters can easilly change to RTS and continue receiving updates.

RTS is a bundle of two packages, RTS itself contians the core system, and the extensions package provides three example projects. In a kind of tutorials the user extends the default teleporters to something new. This way the developer can understand how the RTS works and can be used. The idea of giving extension tutorials was found ocasionally, but i like it so far, than i am planing to continue this.

The new idea

I will release with time a number of special teleporters, every few weeks one teleporter, depends on how simple the teleporter is made and how much time RL offers. However, the package will have two things inside (and few more):
  • The special teleporter, ready to use, so the purchaser needs only to define where the teleport goes.
  • A building manual, accessible (for free) via the product page on Marketplace or the info notecard inworld.
Who likes the product description and has no time or no fun for scripting and filing prims, can simply buy the teleporter and is happy. Who has purchased the RTS once and has no problem with moving around prims and putting one or two lines in a script editor, can just download the manual or take it from inworld vendor, open the tutorial and start building.

After a while (how long, depends on the project and the skills) the RTS user will get the own teleporter with no other costs than spent time. Plus more understanding of the RTS, i know, the manual is really not easy to understand. I am sorry about the dry language of RTS manual, but nobody wants read a book of 500 pages, really. The turorials i'm going to make will have about 30 or 50 pages, so i can switch to easier language there.

TPSign and TPMirror

Ok this post about TPSign and TPMirror, now why. I will revoke the met decision. Both teleporters will be back (the copyable version of them.) But not only reworked with RTS, also following the tutorial idea.

TPSign  wil come first, while the package will also contain TPVendor - this teleporter is also part of RTS package. It is a multitarget device. The only difference between two teleporter is: TPVendor is made from a linkset with prims named properly. The tutorial in the TPSign package will explain how to make TPSign in 8 steps and 15 minutes to TPVendor. The tutorial is for warming up and preparing to those which follow.

TPMirror will follow soon, the package will contain also its extension - TPArch is a really new teleporter. It works like TPMirror (user is walking into a picture) but allows to select the destination before teleporting. Like the extension of TPSign, TPArch needs no writing a script and will take about half hour to go.

Later Teleporter are totally new for RTS users, but not hard to build from resources they got. Planed are seven of them, but any near word about them is said too early.

Only copyable versions

Ok, i tend to release only end-products as copyable versions, without transfer permission. It is really much easier to allow a redelivery for them. Transferable versions are out of redelivery system at all, as this revokes the no-copy permission. However, TPSign and TPMirror were sold in two editions, copyable and transferable. The copyable editions will be relaunced, the transferable editions not.

However, the relaunch gives the buyers of transferable TPSign and TPMirror versions a chance to switch to copyable version of the teleporters. I will send out migration packs, wich like before, provides a way to register as customer of the copyable version, with a consequence to receive automatical updates, as soon the teleporter was updated.


TPSign is out and all purchasers of the teleporter will receive the migration pack, also the purchasers of cpopyable version. This is easier with the update. Here is the teleporter on marketplace:

Update 7.03.2012

TPMirror is also out and tonight all purchasers of the teleporter will also receive the migration pack. Here is to take on the marketplace:

Both Teleporters are also available inworld on any of vendor locations.


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